About Us

Extra Finance

IFN Extra Finance S.A. was established in 2009 and is registered in the General Register of the National Bank of Romania under number PJR-RG-41-110259 / 2009 as well as in the Special Register of the National Bank of Romania, with number RS-PJR-41-110076/2017, with 100% Romanian capital.

Currently, IFN EXTRA FINANCE S.A. provides loans to individuals (personal loans with mortgage) and legal entities (factoring, discounting).

Social capital is the result of many actions to increase its profits by reinvesting achieved, but also in cash by its shareholders.

The team that handles all operations for loans consists of young employees with an average age under 35, with modern and flexible perspective, which have a big impact in meeting customer needs.

IFN EXTRA FINANCE S.A. has given a special care to adapt to the new changes occurred in terms of legislation, know-how, human resources, process technology and customer relationships in order to fulfill its mission: to help the customer with speed and flexibility through its competitive financial products.

Vision No matter what your needs are, emergencies or future plans, Extra IFN Finance offers you a range of financial solutions fast, reliable and professional, tailored to your needs.
Mission Because we are concerned about solving in the most effective way your financial problems, we try to find customized solutions, impartially analyzing and creating a stable partnership with the customer.
Values We focus on professionalism and we take utmost care of your problem, finding the best solution together, by putting at your disposal our long experience in lending.