Factoring & Discounting Loan


Financing through factoring is a great solution for companies that need urgent liquidity, through divestiture to pay bills on time. By appealing to the service, loyal customers IFN EXTRA FINANCE S.A. can better focus on growth opportunities of the company, at whatever stage of development they are in.

IFN EXTRA FINANCE S.A. differs from the competition through personalized offers that meet our customers needs. Having a process to grant fine-tuned, with offers tailored to the needs and possibilities of the applicants, EXTRA FINANCE cover bills up to 80%, practicing competitive commissions and attractive interest rates. Advantages of factoring services IFN EXTRA FINANCE: flexibility, speed and professionalism; rapid payment of claims; risk protection; personalized offers; loyalty discount.

This type of loan addresses financial  to legal persons with stable statements  who hold checks or promissory notes to be received later, but wish their early settlement. The advantage is that the borrower has the opportunity to cash in 80%, before maturity, notes or checks.